2018 Tax Return – “IRS has Rejected Electronic Filing”


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Used TurboTax Pro to prepare my 2017 Return. Upon electronic filing multiple times via TurboTax, always get above error. TurboTax emails link to “fix error”. After “fixing” error, IRS rejects again.

TurboTax then gives message to “print, sign, mail” to IRS. Anyone else get this message or have similar issue? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    The IRS can reject tax returns filed electronically for lots of different reasons. The most common rejection comes because there is an error with name spellings or social security numbers. Returns are also rejected if someone else has claimed any of the dependents that you are trying to claim.

    If you need to mail in the tax return it’s not a big problem. Just print off all of the forms. You need to sign and date page 2 of the federal 1040. Your spouse will also need to sign and date if you are married. Attach copies of your W2s and mail everything in. Make sure you also do the same if you are filing for any states.


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